By  Matthew Bretz

Delta Spirit opened the show charging the stage like a gang of redbull addicted Appalachians throwing bluegrass, country and folk with heavy rock guitars. They were rhythmic, wild and intensely noisy- I loved it! During one of their songs Costa actually jumped onstage to play tambourine and shout some backing vocals. Cheers abounded as people started to realize he’d been walking through the crowd all night largely unrecognized until that moment.

When it was time for Costa to take his turn he climbed up from the sand pit in front of the stage, grabbed his acoustic and took us all to socal for the night. Equally apt on keys or strings his message was felt.

Matt’s laid back melodic honesty adds to a new sense of musical purity that’s begun rippling across audiences all over the world…audiences growing increasingly tired of a vacuous mainstream industry spitting out cookie cutter “pop”-tarts.

What about the man inside the budding icon? What makes Costa tic?

I took some time to ask him myself…this is what I got.

MB: You’ve been playing venues all over Florida for nearly a week now. How are we treating you?

MC: Florida’s been great. We came out of the mid-west where it’s been rainy and cold so it’s really nice to be in some hot weather. People here have been really cool too. I would have to say that Florida has definitely been a highlight of the tour so far.

MB: You’re getting ready to jump across the pond for the European leg of your schedule. Are there any major differences between European and American audiences?

MC: Besides the different languages no…not really. Anytime people come together and want to listen and have fun I’m happy.

Suddenly Matt’s attention is diverted to something going with his band in his hotel room.

MC: Hey sorry about at. The guys are watching some movie with Kim Basinger and talking about Kevin Spacey maybe being gay. What do you think? Is Kevin Spacey gay?

MB: At first guess I’m going to have to say no.

MC: What’s that? (talking to his band mates). Oh there it is they just confirmed it…the whole room has decided that Kevin Spacey is gay.

MB: Well if your band says he is than he must be. Happy belated birthday by the way!

MC: Yeah man thanks very much. It was a really good one this year too. We were…wait… where were we again? I think we were in Jacksonville. Man I really don’t even remember what we did but it was fun…definitely the best one so far.

MB: I don’t remember a lot of my “best nights”, which leads me to wonder if I even have any “best nights”.

MC: That’s a really good point…haha! This interview has totally jumped the tracks.

MB: It’s better this way. People can find your favorite ice cream flavor on Wikapedia. What I want to know is which country has the most enthusiastic female fans?

MC: Hmmm…I’d have to say Portugal. Either Portugal or

Brazil. I love playing Rio.

MB: Someone told me Brazil has added plastic surgery to their free health care plan. They want to be the prettiest country in the world.

MC: Is that true?! The Brazilian government should take all that money and do something about the crime instead.

MB: Maybe you, Ben Harper and Jack Johnson should join force and start a crime fighting team.

MC: Yeah! We could be the environmentally friendly green team and use recycled bullets and wear hemp costumes! And we could bend space and time to completely undo all the wrongs in the world and then erase all memory of any evil or wrong doing. I would even erase my own memory so it was like any kind of wrong never existed at all.

MB: Um..what?

MC: Maybe not.

MB: What’s in you CD player right now?

MC: The Zombies.

MB: The Zombies?

MC: Yeah you know (sings a little for me) I like to keep with the classics. Lately I’ve been into really old folk too like the Kingston Trio and guys like that.

MB: Wasn’t John Denver part of that group?

MC: Was he? I don’t know but now I have to find out.

He looks it up and I’m wrong. John Denver was with the Mitchell Trio for anyone interested.

MB: With the success of your latest album “Unfamiliar Faces” and a super busy touring schedule are you finding anytime to write?

MC: Oh yeah you have to find time where you can. You have a lot of experiences on the road so it’s a perfect time to start putting ideas together.

MB: What advice would you give to the struggling songwriters of the world?

MC: Awe…that hard! I have to give advice?

MB: Don’t you know? When you become famous you are automatically considered wise any therefore must give advice.

MC: That’s too tough. I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

MB: Any thoughts on the upcoming elections?

MC: Well, it’s seems like Obama is talking the talk pretty well but that doesn’t mean he can walk the walk. You know what I mean? Nobody is voting republican this time around it doesn’t even feel like a choice. We’re all just waiting to see what Obama can do.

MB: Any parting words for the people of Florida before you take off for Europe?

MC: Thanks for the last week…it was great!

Matt and I talked for awhile longer- mostly about music and books. He’s a pretty deep guy and very entertaining to talk with. When it comes to mixing art and intellect you will always find a level of eccentricity, but that’s my favorite part. That’s what separates left brainers from right brainers. Accountants, engineers and scientists keep the world in order but guys like Matt Costa make it spin.


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