cy curnin


By the time Cy took the stage the crowd was pumped, although nobody really knew what to expect. Curnin immediately when into his solo material touching on the title tracks for his last three albums, including his latest release- “the Horse’s Mouth”. As an added treat Cy got Fixx keys player Rupert Greenhal to sit in for the evening, as well as a couple local percussionists on hand drums. It was an experiment for sure, and although the music was phenomenal the lack of Fixx oldies drove some of the less sophisticated crowd away. I found myself feeling a little embarrassed, but Cy went on unswayed- the consummate professional.


MB: You just played the Hardrock and Captain Hiram’s. How did the shows go? How was the audience?


CC: It was lovely. We’ve done the Hardrock I think maybe 7 or 8 times now, and they are always wonderful to us. And that Hiram’s place was very fun to play. I love the outdoor set up.


MB: Do you have a preference between playing the bigger venues with the band, or more intimate shows alone?


CC: I like them both in their own ways. Its always fun to mix things up and try different combinations too. We’ve been playing those songs for three decades now, but if we mix it up now and then we can keep it fresh for ourselves and that keeps it fresh for the audiences as well.


MB: Speaking of your band, I understand that the Fixx has a new album coming out.


CC: That’s right. I can’t give you an exact release yet, but we’ve been working and writing and looking for the right producer. In the meantime we are keeping up appearances on the road as well as everything else we are involved in.


MB: And everything you are involved in is considerable. Can you talk a bit about the Love, Hope, Strength Foundation?


CC: I do a lot of work with Hope, Strength, Love because its such a wonderful charity. The idea is to get big names involved to use their influence and celebrity. The charity mainly revolves around cancer research, and we regularly hold events with celebrities and artists to promote awareness.


Curnin is actually being quite modest here. In reality he organizes huge treks to places like Everest, Kilimanjaro and Pikes Peak with huge names. In addition to that he owns an Inn and a completely”green” farm in France where he promotes and practices sustainable farming.


MB: How did you get into sustainable farming?


CC: Dumb luck really…haha! Me and my soon to be ex-wife (sorry Cy) decided to buy a farm and turn it into an operational Inn. Some of the farmers in the area were practicing sustainable farming so I started learning about it. In the end it made more sense in every way.


MB: Do you get to spend much time on the farm?


CC: Not as much as I would like…unfortunately.


MB: On your website you offer a service to help other artists with their songwriting. How is that going? Is anyone taking advantage of such a great opportunity?


CC: Yeah a few have. We actually do the whole thing over Skype, so its a real one on one session with me in real time. I have a lot of songwriting experience and it feels good to help others on their journey.


MB: So lets recap a second…the Fixx is working on a new album, you just dropped a new solo album “the Horse’s Mouth”, you run a farm and Inn in France, you run point for the Love, Strength, Hope Foundation and some how with all of that you find time to mentor budding songwriters. How did you get to be so lazy?


CC: (Laughs) Yeah, I guess that about covers it.


MB: How do you find the energy to keep all of that up? And how do you find the inspiration to keep writing new material?


CC: The answers to both of those questions are really one in the same. I’ll slow down when I’m dead. Until then I need to write. I need to play. Its what I do…I can’t stop. And everything else…well that’s just me living my life and that is of course where I get all my inspiration.



When it comes to humanitarian rock stars Curnin seems to be giving Bono a run for his money. And while he’s doing that…he’s also making killer music for us…thanks Cy!


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