bono peace

Most of us hope we will leave some kind of mark on this world when we go. A legacy of sorts for the next generations to not only profit and benefit from, but also to be remembered by so that we live on in our deeds. Most of hope that our lives will mean something great in the end, that we will change the world for the better…if only to say “there was a reason for me to be here”. Most of us hope for this, but very few ever really achieve the world class greatness that true humanitarian heroes are made of.

When I won my own Nobel Peace Prize for my part in curing toe fungus, I was over whelmed by the class of citizen I was supposed to be in league with. The sheer thought of having to live up to the expectations of a Nobel winner scared me out of sleep for at least a month. I never saw myself as deserving such an honor, and knowing now what I know about the person we are here to honor tonight, I was right in my thinking. For there are very few indeed that can line up next to a man like our honoree and feel as an equal. The man I speak of has achieved more in the world of humanitarianism and foreign aid than he has in his chosen career field, and that in itself is a considerable amount of success. He has fed millions in Ethiopia, the Sudan, Nairobi and many other 3rd world nations across the planet. He is leading the largest fight against AIDS ever attempted and we now have an end in sight. He continues to work side by side with world leaders, including our own presidents, to make things happen when the wrenches of politics jam the wheels.

President George W. Bush promised to send ten million dollars to South Africa to educate people about AIDS and contraception. He promised ten million, but only sent three, and it didn’t go to educate about safe sex. Instead it was sent to religious right groups that used the money to promote abstinence. When confronted with this disturbing news our honoree took ten million of his own money and stepped up to fulfill the promise our president reneged on.

In the 90’s our honoree started the Coexist campaign to spread awareness about the simple solution to problems between those of different religions and races. That solution of-course being tolerance and respect. Such a simple idea, most school children know it, but as adults we all too often fall short of these obvious lessons. When most celebrities only pander for attention and than use their fame for frivolous endeavors, our honoree uses his status to show the world how to live together as one. Which brings me to his next achievement…the One foundation.

The One foundation was created to harness the power of celebrity for worthy causes. Since its inception, hundreds of celebrities have gotten on board to lend their names and time to raise awareness about poverty and AIDS. With help and donations from wealthy philanthropists such as Bill and Melinda Gates (the foundation takes no public money), One has used its considerable might to change the foreign policies of entire governments including France and America. Very recently our honoree was invited to a private oval office meeting with President Barack Obama where he began talks convincing him to send billions to Africa for AIDS relief.

Some might say our honoree is doing great works in the field of charity, but make no mistake. Our honoree is an advocate. He is an advocate for the poor, the hungry, the sick, the needy, the displaced and the ignorant. He is an advocate for you and for me. He is an advocate for the human race and we are lucky to have him. He brings joys to millions through his music and even more through his work as one of the planet’s most note worthy super heroes. His life’s work is more complex and brilliant than you can imagine, and he’s barely begun.

Ladies and gentlemen it is my esteemed honor to present the newest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, the man single-handedly saving the world…he goes by a simple, but well remembered moniker. Ladies and gentlemen please put your hands and hearts together for none other than…Bono.



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